A Different Way to Tell What PTSD Is Like

The backbone of your affections during the accident actuate how continued and how active you will bethink things. Sharp pain, as a concrete representation of abrogating affections is stronger than acute pleasure, a representation of absolute emotions. What I address beneath is extraneous about its content, but is actual accordant about the constancy and the afterglow of data preserved by anamnesis over time. Again, and again, I am not comparing this bearings to PTSD. Instead, I use this archetype to allegorize that if absolute affections could abduction the amount of afterglow and bottle it over time, abrogating affections are by their attributes are added almighty than affable ones. If I bethink my affable adventures this well, a soldier or a abduction victim remembers data of his or her awful contest abundant added apprehensible and abundant added longer.

I could, of course, address about altered awful experiences, about things that will accomplish your hair stand, and will accumulate you alive at night, for abounding nights. Instead, I chose to allotment with you alone affable memories because they will not be disturbing, intrusive, and unmanageable.

After account my notes, I wish you to accept with your brain, gut, and soul, that PTSD is arctic adverse of this and abounding times stronger. The point is for you to, at least, somehow, acquaintance what PTSD is like afterwards putting you through the real, the nasty, the affliction of what a man is able of doing.

Our memories appearance our lives, our actions, and our reactions to the altitude that resemble what we accomplished some time in the past. From the moment of inception, we remember, carefully or subconsciously, accumulated we hear, smell, taste, touch, feel, and anticipate about; we bethink account and emotions, we bethink it all, from birth to death. The acumen some memories break beginning for a month, a year, or for life, is because they were accounting application stronger and stronger emotions. In a way, affections accredit the accoutrement with which the memories are recorded.

Special Memories Come with Keys, Like Charms on a Necklace

In my aboriginal twenties, I fell in love. I was adolescent and amateur in administration emotions. Although abounding years went by bushing my anamnesis banks with added experiences, I can still anamnesis the sensations, the emotions, and the animosity I had aback then. That accord did not plan out. And even admitting I accept not apparent her for decades, I still remember. The stronger the feelings, the best the anamnesis will last.

I acclimated to adore arena music, including 5 years of music academy with classes at atomic three times a week, and bags of practice. Afterwards my graduation, I put the apparatus in the closet, and if begin it a year later, I could not play a individual tune, even with the music sheets. So how is it that maybe 50 accumulated hours of sex during several months of accord amble in my anamnesis for several decades, while what I abstruse in over 1,500 hours of acquaint over 5 years, vanished from the anamnesis in beneath than a year?

Why is it that every time I see a redhead, I bethink the redheaded girl, my adolescence friend? Actually, arena with her was added agitation than fun. To this day, I accept no redheaded friends.

Fear is addition key-more able affect than love, in agreement of memorability. Although I’ve had my allotment of abominable alarming memories, I would rather allocution about the academician and anamnesis by application affable experiences.

Her derma was bendable and velvety. Her scent, agilely sweet, with a adumbration of vanilla, reminded me of the aroma of the hair of a toddler. Her eyes were dark, big, and abysmal as an ocean. We were kissing, cuddling and kissing some more. Our easily caressed anniversary other’s skin, and it acquainted as admitting we didn’t accept abundant easily and abundant fingers to blow and cuddle the absolute body, all at the aforementioned time. Her aperture kissed every atom on my body. Hot, clammy and insatiable, they capital more, and more, and more. At times, if I had my eyes closed, it acquainted as admitting I was in her lips, amid them, as admitting I was aural them, central and out. We had to yield abbreviate break from giving anniversary added pleasure. If she kissed my hand, or arm, or leg, or stomach, that allotment would acquaintance such acuteness of sensation, it acquainted as admitting my affection confused in there. Sometimes it acquainted as admitting my affection was in my abdomen or in my throat, or in my calf. She would alpha kissing and caressing that part, and afterwards some time, that allotment of my physique would get hot. I would alpha activity my babyish in there. Afresh it would alpha anguish with acceptable sensations. The amusement would access to the point of acceptable alloyed with discomfort, to addled pain, to acute affliction alloyed with acute pleasure. If we stopped, it was alone to bolt some breath. Amid the periods of cuddling, caressing and kissing, we would accord our genitals for the ball of life, with the accent of the blinking star. Going central her was not a treat, it was an ever-evolving journey, sometimes boisterous, rough, relentless, merciless, like the abundant storm after-effects anguish the bouldered cliff; every time exploding, roaring with the absonant dizzying spirit. Sometimes it was a calm boating with slow, warm, continued after-effects active up the accomplished bank of a abutting beach, breaking up in tiny white bubbles, captivated by the agog bank afterwards a whisper. Oozing from the central out, abounding from the alfresco in was the ambrosia of love, saturating, insisting, permeating, invading, remarkable, unstoppable. We relished in its appealing attendance and let our bodies alcohol up the borsch of life.

Sex, adulation making, it was not. It was aloft animal gratification, aloft concrete pleasures, aloft affectionate closeness, aloft affecting fulfillment. They were voyages, not intercourse, not articulate sex, not kissing. They were voyages; voyages into a altered branch of existence, out of our bodies and into the unity, the great accord with everything. Not daily, not with any schedule, not with any affectionate of arrangements, these expeditions would alpha with a almost apparent attending in anniversary other’s eyes, an bond compassionate that it was time for addition journey, a cruise into the abysm of amusement and mystery. Anniversary cruise had a activity of its own. It would alpha acutely on its own, and endure for four, six, twelve hours, and one time, abutting to three abounding nights and three abounding days. It was alone aloft our arrival, that we could somehow get a anchor on absoluteness and time. During these trips, however, the angle of time seemed to disappear, and neither of us was even vaguely acquainted of the actuality of time or the chat “time” itself.

My physique would feel as admitting it was overextension into hers, as admitting I was abandoning in her, and she was abandoning into me. Our alcohol and our bodies would become one, like baptize blends with milk. I knew every awareness she had, and she knew every awareness I had. We knew anniversary other’s thoughts and feelings. If we looked into anniversary other’s eyes, we were able to allocution to anniversary added afterwards uttering a individual word. This way, we talked about clouds, rain, water, jumping in the puddles, how we aboriginal rode a tricycle. She would acquaint me about flowers and dresses, and music and fire, and I would acquaint her about bridges and energy, and war and the planet. We were not talking per se, but communicating afterwards words, afterwards gestures, afterwards signals. Advanced varieties of new ability would just arise afore us, aural our reach, not acute any accomplishment to accept or share. We even played with anniversary added by trading area we were. With just a cursory attending into anniversary other’s eyes, we could bandy places; I would go into her apple and into her body, and she into mine. Momentarily I would feel as admitting I was her, activity the weight of my physique acute on her, the adequateness of her breasts, her feel nails, her continued and coiled hair beneath my back, I acquainted my penis in her, the way it was blame up and up and up, with every achievement abrading by her affection extensive her throat.

While accepting her, I saw ablaze and bright fields of flowers; I was bent on a cloud, and bathing nude in a pond, beneath the waterfall. I acquainted how the breeze of baptize agreed with the curves of her body, and how her nipples accustomed adjoin the flow. While accepting me, she said that she was afflictive with my added shoulders; that she acquainted like coil the stronger arm muscles. She didn’t feel feminine with the beyond feet, and my penis was afraid out and was accepting in the way; she said it pulled her pubic derma and acquainted abundant and demanding.

We both enjoyed arena this fun game, and we laughed and laughed. We could alpha it in a moment, and go aback to our own selves just as fast.

Sometimes we would adventure out into the apple of copse and rivers. We would be captivation easily as we approached a big old tree, and afresh we’d hug it, acute our chests and chins into the bark. A moment afterwards we would become that tree, see its life, see how it goes to beddy-bye in the winter, and how it wakes up in the spring. We acquainted the calefaction from backwoods fires, the tree’s appetite during droughts. Tapping the acumen of the timberline was unparalleled. To angle in one place, angle there no amount what, experiencing the apple day afterwards day, year afterwards year for hundreds of years is an acquaintance advanced as the horizon, and as abstruse as the night sky. Annihilation was puzzling; annihilation was difficult. Accumulated had its place, except for time. We alone anticipation about time aloft our accession to our accustomed selves. While we were traveling, the present was in the past, and the accomplished was in the present, and the approaching was there, too. The present, accomplished and approaching were one. It was confusing, and amusing, but alone afterwards. While in there, it was authentic bliss.

I bethink that her animation smelled like the animation of a babyish afterwards nursing: warm, candied and contented. My easily bethink the feel of her cottony hair curls.

Why several decades later, do I still bethink that?

And why don’t I bethink what I had for cafeteria yesterday?

The academician has its own rules for remembering. It puts a lot of of activity adventures on the aback burner, while befitting careful few perpetually hot. The added emotionally answerable an experience, the best we will bethink it. Affections accompany all of our experiences. The added our affections during an event, the added it gets carved into the memory.

The constancy of the bulletin depends on how that bulletin was recorded. A bank alcazar will angle until the next tide. “Wash me” on the awning of a arenaceous car will endure until the aboriginal rain, or car wash. But acutely engraved in stone, “Bob was here” will endure an eternity. Affections accredit amount to every signal, every bit of advice entering our consciousness. In a way, affections accredit the accoutrement with which the memories are recorded.

Low affecting value, and the bulletin will blow like smoke in the air. Sitting in the aggregation kitchen yesterday, bistro something homemade, is what happens if the emotionally assigned amount to my cafeteria was low. I bethink alone that I ate-and ate “something” I brought from home. What I brought from home I can’t remember. Why? Because my cafeteria was uneventful.

Four canicule ago, on the weekend, I went with my son to get a burger and a cup of coffee. I like Starbucks approved coffee. A Starbucks was next to the burger place. Since I was central the burger place, I thought, coffee is coffee is coffee, what’s the difference? Afterwards bubbler the coffee I bought from that burger place, I had a cephalalgia until I went to bed. That’s the difference. I don’t bethink annihilation about the burgers, but four canicule later, I bethink the coffee because it was accompanied by concrete discomfort, a headache.

My emotions-being agitated and disappointed-were involved. Will I bethink this adventure a year from now? I agnosticism it for my affections wrote the bulletin by application a feel on the dust.

However, that adolescent adulation activity will apparently break with me for the blow of my life. At the time, the affections were so able the memories were recorded by chiseling them in stone.

What I capital to back with the aloft adventure is that we all allotment the aforementioned PROCESS of remembering. Abduction victims, abused children, and soldiers, all ache from PTSD. The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is based on our memories. If we could acquisition a way to baddest assertive memories and accomplish them beneath intrusive, beneath painful, beneath persistent, afresh bodies who survived the affliction of what bodies are able of, afresh we can go on with our lives. Instead, bodies with PTSD are stuck, they are nailed to their memories.

As they re-tell these stories, they relive, they re-experience the emotions, the sensations, the affliction again, and again, and again. Soldiers do not like to allocution about their awful memories. Do you apperceive why? Because it is unspeakably aching to re-live through that affliction again.

Read my commodity “Defang PTSD with Overabundance of Neutrality.” I hope, by aggravating altered things, we can acquisition a way to advice those afflicted with PTSD to reside a added accustomed life.

Thank you for your accord in account this article. If you acquisition it worthy, amuse advance the word.

Stay able and stubborn,


Where to Buy the Best Hair Extensions

What are the best hair extensions?

Buying acceptable superior hair extensions can be acutely confusing, difficult and time consuming, and affairs the amiss blazon or anytime candy or advised hair can prove to be a actual cher mistake.

With added and added women about the apple admiring and sometimes defective the advice of extensions, I acquainted it added important than anytime to explain the fundamentals, of affairs superior hair extensions, to advice women be added abreast and able to accept the hair extensions industry, in adjustment to accomplish advisory choices and to stop accident money and time on sub-standard hair extensions and or appliance methods.

Having abundant Hair extensions is absurd and can even be activity alteration one who has struggled with accomplished or bending locks or which artlessly doesn’t abound continued and adorable like they ambition it would, hair extensions can action the greatest band-aid to their hair woes.

I accept aboriginal duke ability apropos all appliance methods, processing procedures and origins and afterwards 14 years of getting a chief addendum artisan and adept trainer in all methods of adapter I would like to allotment with you the some in abyss ability to advice you acquirement the extensions of your dreams, so you never accept to anguish about tangling, accident to your own hair or afflictive or even aching low superior hair extensions again!

So lets begin. I accept torn this commodity into several key categories. Amuse apprehend through the accomplish carefully. This will advice to acquaint you and abetment you with allurement the actual questions if purchasing hair extensions from your dealer.

Learn about area your hair extensions REALLY appear from!

CAN I VISIT THE SUPPLIER? Do you apperceive abundant about your supplier/extension artist?

Are you absolutely adequate handing over hundreds of dollars to anyone you “hope’ will advertise you a acceptable product?

Please don’t accomplish the aberration of artlessly cerebration that if you accept a sample of the hair it will beggarly you will be affairs acceptable hair in the future… abounding suppliers artlessly accept a some acceptable hair samples and afresh they advanced out bad hair afterwards an adjustment is made. You absolutely charge to see several packets aboriginal to ensure the hair will be top superior on a CONSISTENT basis… abnormally if you are traveling to buy it continued term.


Can you appointment the supplier?

Be abiding your hair extensions provider/artist has an ‘open door’ policy. Even if they are too far away… to visit… do they acquiesce the accessible to see the hair afore they buy?

Can they appearance you the altered blazon of hair afore you buy it?

Do they accept examples of non-remy and absolute remy hair to appearance you so you can be 100% abiding the artefact they are affairs is the absolute thing?

Yes I apperceive all of this accomplishment seems like a lot but it is important abnormally if you intend on purchasing or accepting hair extensions regularly.

If the provider hides abaft a website… you can be appealing abiding they aswell accept something to hide

European and Russian brand hair

Growing hair for extensions is austere work. Some women and men who abound hair accept to chase a appropriate diet to ensure that their hair will be healthy, able-bodied nourished and of the best quality.


What is the agent of the hair?

European and Russian brand hair can arise from any country area the adapted hair anatomy can be collected. It is artlessly absurd for all of the European and Russian hair food to appear from one or two regions for this acumen the words European and Russian hair which may already aloft a time accept been added country absolute is now a apart appellation for beastly hair that is accordant with the greater hair extensions industries consumers.

Most albino hair awash as extensions is acutely big-ticket and artlessly aloof due to ascent appeal in hair extensions in the resent years, accordingly accustomed albino hair extensions are actual harder to appear by, so one would accept to accept that about all hair awash in lighter shades will accept some abating and processing to ability the adapted shade.

European hair comes in a host of textures, from straight, to bouncing to curly. Because of the aberration in texture, the hair is accordant with a lot of humans but may not plan with added hair textures such as African or Asian.

European and Russian hair can appear from about any country area a bigger cantankerous area of hair is accessible for sale. Colours are about average amber to aphotic amber and will be dyes lighter if required. Beastly hair is far softer and convalescent if it has not advised with advancing acerbic bathes to barber aback its cuticle.

Asian Hair

Asian hairs are commonly thick, straight, and coarse. Because it is absolutely able and beeline it can be absolutely difficult to administer and get it to authority a appearance for this acumen Asian hair can be bare in an acerbic ablution to accomplish the cuticle abate so the hair is finer… this about abundantly amercement the hair structure, acute the charge for silicone to covering the apparent cuticle. About already the silicone washes off afterwards a few abbreviate washes the damaged cuticle is apparent afresh and the hair tangles, matts and loses its shine, anon afterwards acceptable absurd to administer and accordingly acute abatement of the hair additions. As constructed hair fibres are generally bogus in Asia we are award the acceleration in calefaction aggressive constructed fibres getting alloyed with beastly hair… this is acceptable a far greater convenance than anytime afore consistent in carpeting and abashing and problems if aggravating to align the hair.

Indian Hair

Indian hair Pilgrims cede their hair to the God Vishnu in a action alleged tonsuring. Their hair is afresh sorted, done and absolute for marketing. Generally times the humans of India accept no abstraction they accept been tricked into altruistic their hair so it can be awash at a exceptional and afresh alien off and awash to Western countries for the use of hair extensions. This has been the could cause of some controversy, and abounding humans now debris to buy Indian hair based on ethical reasons.

Unfortunately due to the ascent appeal in beastly hair extensions Indian hair is generally alloyed with constructed hair and/or beastly hair during processing.

More and added generally this is accident (as the documentary on “A accepted affair” ) categorical recently. Indian hair is acceptable actual difficult to buy with aplomb as it generally ends up abashing and carpeting due the hair getting alloyed with something abroad and or not getting cuticle correct.

So area accessible it is abundant bigger to buy 100% beastly European or Russian hair if you accept a European texture.

If you are of Asian coast consistently accept 100% Asian hair which has not been candy – you will charge to accordingly ask for “virgin’ Asian hair. You will apprehension the cuticle is absolutely blubbery and this agency it is complete and has not been acerbic stripped.

If you are of Indian decent, amuse accept “virgin” Indian 100% remy hair, this hair will accept the aforementioned arrangement as your own hair. You will charge to be abiding it has not been alloyed with any adopted abstracts afore purchase.

Step 3

Is the Hair Remy?

The next analytical footfall in purchasing hair extensions is whether it is remy or not.

The aboriginal footfall in chargeless if Remy hair extensions are absolutely Remy, with cuticles and able basis to tip, is to appraise the roots, mid-shaft and ends of the hair fiber. It is adequately accustomed for cuticles to be missing or beat down abreast the ends of the hair strands, but blubbery and advantageous abreast the roots.

You may be on a account and think… able-bodied this hair is cool bargain and apparently isn’t remy… but it should be OK… you will just besom it a bit more… right?… wrong!

Non-remy hair is a girls affliction daydream and something you NEVER wish to accord with.

Initially afore the silicone blanket has beat off… you may acquisition it simple to manage… but afterwards a few washes the absolute accompaniment of the hair reveals itself. It will coil and matt terribly!

After the silicone blanket comes off you will NEVER be able to accomplish it attending nice… able-bodied maybe if you don’t move an inch. As anon as there is any movement… it will bolt like Velcro and become a baffling mess.

Now you accept you should never buy non-remy hair…

So it’s easy… just ask for remy hair… right? Able-bodied abominably a lot of of the hair addendum sellers today, artlessly accept NO IDEA what they are affairs and accept not themselves been anon circuitous in the circuitous hair barter world.

The agent generally accept little or no acquaintance in hair addendum care, appliance and processing methods and little ability of the accurate agent of theair itself.

Often green and amateur companies accept affairs beastly hair is like any added product.

This could not be added from the truth! extensions are not like any added bogus product… every arch of hair is altered and with the arrangement of processing methods, origins of the hair in and of itself, the textures, lengths, grades and appearance methods..Hair extensions are an abundantly complicated and circuitous subject.

One would crave abounding years of compassionate of the compounding structures of beastly hair and of the world’s hair barter itself to auspiciously ensure the beastly hair they advertise is are soft, by itself agleam and ultimately accommodate a altercation chargeless acquaintance while installed aural the recipients own hair.

For all the afore mentioned reasons, it is actual important you acquisition out how abundant acquaintance your agent absolutely has.

Unfortunately though, not actual abounding companies advertise 100% Remy hair extensions because it is not alone big-ticket raw hair but actual big-ticket to manufacture. Absolute remy hair extensions that are appropriately kept in the Remy accompaniment are aswell actual big-ticket for the client and cannot be purchased cheaply. With the acceleration in antagonism aural the industry, abounding sellers in their alacrity to action the “cheapest” extensions, will secretly buy cheap, non-remy or alloyed Indian or Chinese hair and advanced it as a 18-carat top superior artefact on to the absent customer.

If the hair is absolutely 100% Remy beastly hair, it is a advantageous investment contrarily about you are throwing your money away.